WSCF News Archive

This page contains an archive of news items that have appeared on the WSCF News page of this site..


WSCF News 2010

March 2010

SCMers and friends invited to gather at Ecumenical Kirchentag
February 2010

WSCF still receiving applications for General Secretary position
January 2010

WSCF responds to devastation in Haiti

WSCF News 2009

November 2009

Federation News November '09 now available online
Senior Friend Contributes Bible Study at WCC Central Committee
WSCF playing key role in advocating for women
October 2009

WSCF office in Geneva Calls for Interns
SCM Philippines working in relief effort
September 2009

USA Student Christian Movement in the Midst of Resurrection
August 2009

WSCF sees wall of silence after Iraq attacks on Christians
July 2009

SCM Pakistan condemns inaction on anti-Christian violence
WSCF representative selected to attend the 10th University on Youth and Development in Molina, Spain
WSCF Europe Summer Newsletter
Iraqi Christians Targets of Violence
Call for articles for 2009 Student World
SCM Zimbabwe condemns behavior of ZANU PF
SCM Zimbabwe tragically loses student
June 2009

SCM Zimbabwe says human rights abuses continue under unity govt
SCM Philippines decries charter change to extend Arroyo rule
WSCF North America region releases San Francisco report
May 2009

WSCF Asia Pacific Region publishes first Praxis edition for 2009
Federation News April '09 edition comes online
April 2009

WSCF seeks Europe regional office intern
WSCF Zimbabwe office to resource Geneva Human Rights Summit
WSCF 2008 Annual Report online now
WSCF Zimbabwe Advocacy Officer speaks out on human rights
WCC seeks new Youth Programme Executive
WSCF in Latin America asks for SCM solidarity over Swine Flu outbreak
WSCF Asia Pacific Region calls for Human Rights Workshop applications
Federation News April
March 2009

SCM Zimbabwe calls for better women's representation
SCM Zimbabwe mourns the death of Amai Susan Tsvangirai
WSCF invites participants for human rights programme in Ukraine
SCMers to revisit the end of Cold War in Europe
February 2009

WSCF calls on Swiss refineries to help stop illicit minerals trade
WSCF celebrates 111th Universal Day of Prayer for Students
January 2009

In Memoriam 2004-2008
WSCF joins Hong Kong call to stop Gaza attacks
WSCF releases Student World journal on migration and justice
Middle East students decry the region’s "crisis in ecumenism"
WSCF Executive Committee elects student Vice-chair
Philippines student activists file complaints of military harassment
WSCF raises student prophets in North America
WSCF Africa region issues online news
SCM Malawi Calls for Peaceful Elections

WSCF News 2008

December 2008

Egyptian SCMers join in Bible Society celebrations
SCM Lubumbashi feels shockwaves from Congo conflicts
November 2008

SCM Philippines women lead WSCF women in action against UN GFMD
WSCF joins urgent call for resolution to crisis in Zimbabwe
WSCF establishes Zimbabwe advocacy office
WSCF makes call to prayer for DR Congo
WSCF Middle East Secretary to join WCC visit to Haiti
October 2008

SCM calls for major shifts in Australian defence spending
Campaign challenges WSCF men to mission of non-violence
WSCF student reports from WACC Congress
North America Secretary addresses 2010 mission themes
Zimbabwean bishop speaks out on churches' inaction
September 2008

WSCF Asia-Pacific Region calls for end to violence in Orissa
Indonesian SCM attacked for freedom of speech advocacy
Caribbean SCMs report on storm damages
SCM Canada joins call for end to violence in Orissa
WSCF cautiously welcomes Zimbabwe agreement
SCM India calls for prayer and halt to statements
WSCF joins call for interfaith peacebuilding in Latin America
SCMers vigil for India and Indonesia
WSCF commits to Asian youth mandate for peace
WSCF students scrutinise migration in Italy
August 2008

Philippine SCM begins vigil to halt military offensives in Mindanao
July 2008

WSCF applauds German company halt of Zimbawean banknote production
WCC General Secretary sends his blessings to the GA
Global ecumenical community calls for real peace in Zimbabwe
June 2008

SCM Zimbabwe & ecumenical headquarters raided by armed police
South African SCM leads youth in struggle against Xenophobia
Asia-Pacific students challenge WSCF to remain vigilant on migration
Zimbabwean SCMers cleared amidst escalating attacks on civil society
Ecumenical organisations highlight Zimbabwe crisis at Geneva UN
WSCF North America region announces exciting event for 2009
World ecumenical bodies request international community to scale up efforts in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe needs urgent relief aid, postpone run-off election says young ecumenical leader
SCM Philippines demands end to disappearance of students
May 2008

WSCF and YWCA applaud actions to block arms to Zimbabwe
WSCF launches emergency appeal for Myanmar SCM
April 2008

WSCF invites North American students to encounter in Italy
Youth Organisations call on SADC to resolve Zimbabwe crisis
SCMZ claims no cause for celebration in Zimbabwe today
WSCF celebrates election of new Paraguayan President
Federation calls for next quadrennium's leaders
WSCF and YWCA to lead ecumenical community in prayer for Zimbabwe
March 2008

Jordanian movement releases condemnation of Iraq kidnapping
WSCF highlights Burmese women for International Women’s Day
February 2008

Filipino SCM demands end to corruption and abuse by Arroyo govt
Federation calls students to 110th annual day of prayer
SCM Philippines welcomes new legal protection for civilians
January 2008

WSCF seeks new global Women's Co-ordinator
Global Christian youth call for stronger efforts towards unity
African SCMs speak out in solidarity with Kenya
WSCF invites 2008 Senior Friends Gathering registrations
WSCF Africa Region leader calls for peace in Kenya

WSCF News 2007

December 2007

Pakistan SCM condemns Bhutto assassination
November 2007

WSCF Africa Region provokes response to migration injustices
Philippines SCM demands end to Arroyo govt
October 2007

Brazilian senior friend takes on global leadership for US Methodists
Zimbabwean SCMers take refuge from police hunt
2008 General Assembly takes shape
September 2007

WSCF students call for action against unjust migration
WSCF Asia-Pacific calls for solidarity with Burma
August 2007

WSCF calls senior friends to global gathering
July 2007

WSCF invites applications for global programme on migration
WSCF names Montréal for 2008
June 2007

Asia-Pacific students make solidarity stand in Philippines
May 2007

WSCF condemns arrests of Zimbabwe students
Zimbabwe SCMers released to face university suspension
April 2007

WSCF stands in solidarity with Virginia Tech community
World Student Christian Federation seeks new North America Secretary
March 2007

SCM Zimbabwe arrests raise concerns for WSCF
February 2007

Contest between the Bible and MTV will shape the future of the ecumenical movement, says Kobia
January 2007

Zimbabwe students condemn arrests as sinful
Students suffer further arrests in Zimbabwe
SCM leaders arrested in Harare university
SCM Philippines demands justice for detained Zimbabwean colleagues

WSCF News 2006

November 2006

WSCF joins defence of faith-based HIV/AIDS care
October 2006

WSCF students called to stand up against poverty
September 2006

WSCF Africa calls for new leadership
WSCF urges students to join in prayer for peace
WSCF Southern Africa makes call to action on HIV/AIDS
August 2006

WSCF Asia-Pacific demands an end to Philippines killings
WSCF students plan resistance to Empire
July 2006

WSCF mourns passing of Frank Engel (1911-2006)
WSCF mourns long-time faithful staff Audrey Abrecht
WSCF Europe joins calls for peace in Lebanon
WSCF Middle East calls for end to assault on Lebanon
June 2006

Student federation reopens North America office
April 2006

Chris Ledger remembers Marie-Jeanne (de Haller) Coleman
February 2006

From Agape to Basileia: WSCF Launches "Empire" Project
January 2006

In Memoriam: Marie-Jeanne Coleman (De Haller)
WSCF Asia-Pacific seeks new Womens Coordinator
WSCF reels in shock as Philippino SCMer murdered
Liberia holds Africa

WSCF News 2005

November 2005

WSCF pays tribute to Feliciano Cariño
WSCF gets ready for WCC Assembly 2006
August 2005

WSCF women put violence under scrutiny
January 2005

WSCF appoints global Womens Co-ordinator

WSCF News 2004

August 2004

WSCF General Assembly makes solidarity call