SCM Pakistan condemns inaction on anti-Christian violence

July 2009

SCM Pakistan has condemned the recent violence against Christians in Pakistan and has criticised their country's justice systemfor it's lack of response to these attacks. Their joint statement with the Church of Pakistan and the Pakistan Ecumenical Youth parliament follows below.

Joint Statement
31 July 2009

The desolations of the Christians in Pakistan are massive and visible everywhere and at every level. There are many incidents of violence brought on Christians in Pakistan, such as the Christian localities (village), their churches, their houses are demolished, and their belongings are looted by Muslims.

Whenever these Christians approach the authorities, they always show insensitivity towards the Christians. The Christians of Pakistan have neither equal political, socio-economical status, nor the equal access to opportunities.

We strongly deplore the fanatic attack on Christians at District Faisalabad Village (95 G-B), and urge the Pakistani Government to ensure that the perpetrators should be brought to the justice.

We also demand a fair and prompt enquiry of the tragic incident, and we urged people of all faiths to work for peace, harmony and reconciliation in the country.

This is the time in the History that we as, especially the Christians in Leadership, whether in Religious, Political, social or Spiritual Leadership joins hands and heads together for the sake of humanity and sink our differences for a common cause, as Nehemiah says ôLet us join hands for the Good Work".

Bishop Raifq Masih
Diocese of Hyderabad
Church of Pakistan

Sohail Akhtar
Program Coodinator, NCC-Pakistan
Consultant-Ecumenical Youth Parliament, Pakistan

Eric Attique
Ecumenical Youth Parliament, Pakistan