Yenny Delgado Collao is WSCF’s new North America
Executive and Global Advocacy & Solidarity Director

WSCF welcomes and is happy to announce the appointment of Yenny Delgado Collao as executive staff for North America and director for Global Advocacy and Solidarity. Yenny joins the WSCF global staff team this January 2018, replacing Luciano Kovacs who ended his term in December 2017. She brings to the wider Federation years of experience as an educator, advocate, writer, theologian, project innovator and leader, and social justice activist.

Born in Peru, Yenny studied in Lima where she obtained a degree in social psychology. She later moved to Costa Rica to study theology at the Latin American Biblical University, in which her introduction to liberation theology through the writings of Bonhoeffer, Tillich and Támez opened her eyes and fundamentally changed how she views her faith and mission in life and in the community.

As a young student in Peru, she joined the student group, Asociación de Grupos Evangélicos Universitarios del Perú (AGEUP), a non-profit Christian organization that trains students in leadership and social action and mission. She co-founded and later became the director of the Umbrella Initiatives Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to build bridges between communities in North and South America through education and social outreach projects implemented by thousands of volunteers in Peru, Haiti, Bolivia and the United States.

Currently living in Washington, DC, Yenny is active in the Latino community in the Greater Washington metro area, promoting and encouraging Spanish literature and other Latin American art forms through the outreach events and culture exchange projects of the Latino Art League and the Lectura, Escritura, y Activismo (LEA), a writers’ collective that she co-founded. She is an advocate of equal opportunity and access to education for migrant communities. She authored a children’s book, The Adventures of Paloma in Peru, as part of her advocacy to promote Spanish literature among children of Latino heritage.

Yenny is an active member of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S., having served as board member of the Mission Coordinating Committee of the National Capital Presbytery, and co-leader of the Social Action Ministry of the Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Maryland for several years. She credits “these expressions of work and faith” for giving her “a new understanding of working in cross-generational and cross-cultural context.”

As she embarks on her new role as WSCF staff, Yenny reflects on her transformation towards social activism when she was a young student:

“As a Christian student in a very secular university, I experienced first hand how my faith could guide my decision to serve. The opportunity to work in educational projects in poor communities and assisting educational outreach with students opened my eyes to how faith inspires my action and is a calling for my life and work in social justice. Additionally, I saw how my experiences were not in a separate bucket from other aspects of my life but really were interwoven with my identity and how I identified with what justice should be. These experiences awakened me from my initial Christian upbringing that focused entirely on only worship in the confines of the church without any regards for the living and physical experience and conditions that an individual may be in.”