Appeal For Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund  
Appeal from SCM Nepal and WSCF AP



Give One Be One

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Centennial Fund

The WSCF’s endowment fund

Appeal for Nepal

Dear SCMs,

Ecumenical partners, Senior friends,
Solidarity greetings from WSCF AP region!
We seek your prayers,support and solidarity for our people in Nepal, as we are aware of the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April. Our SCM members in Nepal are safe, but their houses are destroyed.
They are seeking our prayers and support for those communities who have lost everything in this disaster. The WSCF and the Asia Pacific region is trying it’s best to help the earthquake victims in whatever way is possible. Enclosed please find an appeal letter in the attachment. Please respond to this appeal and also share it with people who can help. Please continue to remember the people in Nepal in your prayer as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Thanking you,
Sunita Suna
Regional Secretary
WSCF Asia Pacific
unit1-2,18/F, 280 Portland St.
Commercial Bldg. Mong Kok, Kowloon,
Hong Kong,SAR
tel no: (852) 2385-2550

Nepal Earthquake Relief – An Appeal

Give One, Be One Campaign

The WSCF has launched the “Give One, Be One” Campaign to generate needed funds to keep the full operations of the WSCF to develop a new level of stability and sustainability.

The difference between this outreach and all others in the Federation’s history is that there is a serious intention to bring the Campaign into the life of all member Student Christian Movements (SCMs), whereby all the student members will be invited to contribute a small amount each year to the Federation. The idea is simple: if all students and Senior Friends of the Federation contribute a minimum of “1”, something that they can afford, each year, there will be more than enough funds for the operations and activities of the Federation at all levels: global, regional, national, and local; there will then be an increased understanding that we are “1” and a new level of unity and ownership of the Federation, and inter-dependence among the SCMs and students worldwide.

Centennial Fund

The Centennial Fund is the WSCF’s endowment fund, established in 1995, to ensure the continuation of the Federation’s work of nurturing ecumenical leaders committed to working for justice and peace for generations to come. The Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, drawn from Senior Friends (former members and friends of the WSCF).

The Fund is working to strengthen its fundraising efforts so that it may remain in a position to support the WSCF for years to come.