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UDPS 2018

Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS) 2018

Eco Justice, Economy and Ecumenism: "Embracing the Challenge: A Different World is Possible"

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First global LGBTQI gathering

WSCF’s first global LGBTQI gathering opener:
Dialogue and the quest for inclusive community

Why do we need to build an inclusive community?

This was the question put forward to the more than 50  participants from India and across the world who gathered for the public opening of the first ever global event organised by the World Student Christian […]

New North America Executive and Global Advocacy & Solidarity Director

Yenny Delgado Collao is WSCF’s new North America
Executive and Global Advocacy & Solidarity Director

WSCF welcomes and is happy to announce the appointment of Yenny Delgado Collao as executive staff for North America and director for Global Advocacy and Solidarity. Yenny joins the WSCF global staff team this January 2018, replacing Luciano Kovacs who ended his […]