WSCF Historic Publications

This page lists the historic publications of the World Student Christian Federation and displays the availability and pricing for each item.

Titles that are out of stock are usually held in the WSCF archives and can be accessed for information either by the WSCF voluntary archivist or Yale Divinity School Library archivists. To contact one of the archivists regarding a WSCF book in this list, please go to WSCF archives.

WSCF Book Titles (1925-)

WSCF Book TitleAvailability (approx)Price - CHF(in Swiss Francs -)
Cantate Domino Ed S.Bidgrain, WSCF, Geneva, 1925 Out of stock  
Venite Adoremus WSCF, Geneva, 1935 Out of stock  
Cantate Domino Ed S.Bidgrain, WSCF, Geneva, 1947 Out of stock  
Venite Adoremus I (2nd edition) WSCF, Geneva,1951 30 copies CHFr 50.00
Cantate Domino, WSCF, Geneva, 1957 20 copies CHFr 20.00
Venite Adoremus II, Prayers and Services for Students, WSCF, Geneva 1961 16 copies CHFr 50.00
Cantate Domino WSCF, Geneva, 1963 Out of stock  
Venite Exultemus (Spanish edition of Venite Adoremus) WSCF, Geneva, 1964 Out of stock  
A New Look at Christianity in Africa WSCF Book Series Vol II, No.2, WSCF, Geneva, 1972 30 copies CHFr 15.00
Essays on the New Testament A materialist approach S. Rostagno WSCF Book No 1, WSCF, Geneva Out of stock  
A challenge to Constantinianism A. Molnar WSCF Book No 2, WSCF, Geneva Out of stock  
Christians and Revolutions A breakthrough in Christian thought M.Opencensky WSCF Book No 3, WSCF, Geneva, 1977 Out of stock  
WSCF Book No 4, WSCF, Geneva Out of stock  
Education for Liberation Ed Y. Hajjar et al, WSCF Book Series No 5, WSCF, Geneva, 1981 60 copies CHFr 15.00
...And Yet Happy The Beatitudes Revisited, Ed E.Campi, WSCF Book Series No 6, WSCF, Geneva, 1981 50 copies CHFr 15.00
The Sacrifice of the Innocent Themes on Christian Participation in the Philippine Struggle F.Carino WSCF A-P Book No 11, WSCF A-P, Hong Kong 1984 10 copies CHFr 15.00
A Community of Memory and Hope History Series Book 1, WSCF, Geneva, 1992 100 copies CHFr10.00
50 Years of History 1895-1945, S. de Dietrich History Book Series 2, WSCF Geneva, 1993 100 copies CHFr 10.00
Memoirs and Diaries 1895-1990 Ed E. Adler,History Book Series 3 & 4, WSCF, Geneva, 1994 200 copies CHFr 10.00
Bible and Theology in the Federation A Report, Ed T.Wieser History Book Series 5, WSCF, Geneva, 1995 400 copies CHFr 10.00
Towards a Women's History in the WSCF Ed C. Balan-Sycip,History Book Series 6, WSCF, Geneva, 1995 Out of stock  
Remember all the way… Senior Friends Meeting in Berlin, Ed E. Adler & T. Moritz,History Book Series 7, WSCF, Geneva, 1996 400 copies CHFr 10.00
Seeking and Serving the Truth, The First Hundred Years of the World Student Christian Federation P. Potter & T. Wieser, WCC, Geneva 1997 100 copies CHFr 35.00/(normally sells for CHFr 42.50)
Talitha Cum! The Grace of Solidarity in a Globalized World Ed M. DeGiglio-Bellemare & G. Miranda Garcia, WSCF, Geneva 2004 12 copies CHFr 35.00/

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