WSCF Global Book Series

This page introduces the Global Book Series of the World Student Christian Federation and provides information on ordering and purchasing copies of WSCF books from the series.

WSCF Global Book Series
The World Student Christian Federation Inter-Regional Office regularly produces new titles on faith in action for its global book series. Books in this series are usually published around the annual themes of the federation and source their material from university student participants and expert resource people involved in WSCF Inter-Regional programmes.

Books in the WSCF Global Book series usually combine content from various academic fields related to their theme, Bible studies, theological and political analysis of the theme and regional or national reflections on how thematic issues impact on students and their societies in different parts of the world.

Recent Publications
The most recent global publication in the series is:

Talitha Cum! The Grace of Solidarity in a Globalized World Ed M. DeGiglio-Bellemare & G. Miranda Garcia, WSCF, Geneva 2004
Talitha Cum! contains presentations and reflections prepared for the 2004 WSCF General Assembly on the theme "Little Girl get up" or "Rise to Life in Abundance" from Mark 5: 41-42. Different articles in the book relate to subjects as diverse as the global status of the girl child and the strength and spirit of the student ecumenical movement. Price: US$ 30.00

To obtain a copy of this book, please order it from the WSCF Inter-Regional Office by emailing or by contacting the IRO through the address at the base of this page.

Upcoming Publications
The next book due for release in the WSCF Global Book series is:

WSCF Global Book series title from the 2005 Inter-Regional Women's Programme on the theme
"Violence against Women: Challenging Gender Stereotypes and Power Relations between Women and Men"

To search for former titles in the WSCF Global Book Series please go to WSCF Historic Publications. For more information on upcoming titles in the series or to enquire about availability of recent titles, please contact the Inter-Regional Office with your request:

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